Lions League is a concept brought together by friendship, allowing passionate kids to come together and to blossom and grow as individuals. With the use of Rugby League, Lions League strives to inspire, motivate and challenge individuals to “Chase their Dreams”.

The Lions League message is simple; just as lions with their prey; they chase, hunt down and show no fear regarding their purpose. Lions League encourages all individuals to have the same mentality towards their dreams, pulling out all the stops to achieve what they desire. We call it the “Lions Mentality”!

At Lions League we envision a place where individuals can participate, have fun and develop not only as Rugby League players but also most importantly, as people. No matter what we do in order to create our vision, we hold ourselves accountable to four guiding principles:

Commitment – Committing to a great service and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organisation.

Community – Contributing to society through fundraising and providing a family-like atmosphere where all Lions who participate feel part of the pack.

Empowerment – Encouraging participants to believe that they all have that ‘Inner Lion’ instilled in them to chase their dreams.

Innovation – Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the way Rugby League is played, catering for all levels and placing an emphasis on enjoyment.

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