Fiji 2015

Lions League travelled to Fiji in 2015 to support a talented but humble primary school known as Nokonoko. Located in the village of Naduri on the Coral Coast, Lions League found great skill, phenomenal sense of community, traditional war dances, Fijian hymns and huge smiles.

Through the donations of our Lions League community and as part of our efforts to always give back from each camp, we were able to provide jerseys for the junior teams at the school. Prior to our visit they never had the luxury of representing the school in the same jerseys. After the presentation and games, the Principal and teachers were unanimous in relaying a proud message that the school teams would now be known as the NOKONOKO LIONS!

Our experience in this Fijian village and school left us astonished at the simplicity of life, yet the realisation of how fully life is lived there.

Christopher Satorre

In early 2015, Lions League also orchestrated the raising of $3000 for young Patrician Brothers’ College Blacktown student Christopher Satorre, who was battling Hodgkins Lymphoma. We are so happy to see the progress Chris has made and he is the perfect example of the Lion-like spirit that we want all our pack to have!