Occupation: Teacher and Part Time Coach


✔Bachelor of Education (PDHPE)
✔Senior First Aid
✔Level 1 Strength and Conditioning
✔Level 1 Rugby League Coach


✔Sydney Roosters NRL Team Manager 2015
✔Sydney Roosters Holden Cup Head Coach 2014-2015
✔Sydney Roosters Holden Cup Assistant Coach 2012-2013
✔ Sydney Roosters SG Ball Coach 2010 (premiers) -2011


Specialising in:
✔ Skill Development
✔ Game sense learning
✔ Developing the individual to be ready to compete at the highest level

✔ I have been involved in Rugby League coaching since the age of 16. It required so many sacrifices because it is not just the game you see on the T.V at the end of the week, it is a 24/7 profession.
It was something I was extremely lucky and honoured to be given an opportunity to be involved in.

Rugby league develops a whole person if done correctly. Coaching requires an undeniable dedication to having the athletes in your care, improve and reach their full potential and that is my main passion.


Lions word:
✔ “Just because you can’t see the lion, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”